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Residue Upgrading

Get more from the bottom of the barrel

Today’s refiners need to maximize the returns out of every barrel of oil. The decision on which technology to use to upgrade residue is an important one, with long-term impacts and economic consequences.

UOP offers various solutions for upgrading both atmospheric and vacuum residue streams. The choice of technologies depends upon both the quality of the resid stream and the quality of the final fuel products produced. Slurry hydrocracking, such as UOP’s UniflexTM process family, offers the maximum amount of upgrading and produces zero fuel oil.

UOP’s residue upgrading portfolio includes a range of solutions that will help you to achieve your unique processing objectives, including:

  • Slurry hydrocracking
  • Resid FCC
  • Residue Hydrotreating
  • Coking
  • Solvent Deasphalting


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