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Gas Treating

Dehydration & Dewpointing

Avoid costly unplanned shutdowns and hazardous conditions


Dewpointing helps avoid downstream equipment operability issues associated with condensation and liquid slugging by controlling the gas heating value. Honeywell UOP offers a broad range of dew-pointing technologies including the MemGuard™  Regenerable Adsorbent System to protect downstream membrane systems, mechanical refrigeration systems, SeparSIV™  Layered TSA for heavy hydrocarbon removal, Joule-Thomson plants and turboexpander solutions.


Effective dehydration is critical to avoid unplanned shutdowns, costly equipment repairs and hazardous working conditions. Industry-leading UOP MOLSIV™  adsorbents combine to simultaneously remove water and contaminants from the gas stream, protecting your downstream equipment and reducing operating costs.


  • What makes UOP adsorbents cutting edge?