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Renewable Fuels

Renewable Refinery Revamps

Get more from your existing units while cutting compliance costs


To meet environmental regulations and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, UOP can retrofit your existing operation to produce renewable fuels. Refineries that revamp existing systems using the Ecofining™ process or the UOP Renewable Jet Fuel Process™ turn waste feedstocks into high-quality renewable fuels, while repurposing idled or underutilized assets. This results in a stream of additional profits without high capital investment costs and helps lower compliance costs.

Why should you revamp existing assets to produce renewable fuels?

  • Produce high-quality, high-reliability renewable fuels that meet or exceed product specifications
  • Expand the fuel pool and enhance its characteristics by blending renewable fuels with lower quality fuels
  • Reuse existing assets and infrastructure to reduce the overall capital investment required to produce renewable fuels
  • Meet renewable fuel obligations

UOP has extensive and unique experience in revamps for refineries processing petroleum-based feedstocks, and we’ve successfully applied this unique expertise to the renewable space. 


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