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Turnkey Installation Services

Simplify your installation using our experienced team


UOP is a proven choice for a smooth and successful installation. UOP Callidus experts can seamlessly manage your project with lower costs, better efficiency and no surprises.

With UOP Callidus Turnkey Installation Services, you benefit from:

An Experienced Team

A highly experienced installation team, including experts from UOP, contractors and local vendors, oversees your project from beginning to end. A dedicated installation coordinator ensures that the design and fabrication meet your needs and is in the field to manage proper installation.

Time and Cost Savings

The installation team takes over time-consuming project management duties to save you time and money. Our teams also look for ways to shorten the installation timeline such as modularization.

Better Budgeting

Avoid unexpected expenses and exaggerated back charges by working with our experts. We know our product better than any other installer and can more accurately estimate project costs.

Detailed Reporting

We will provide you with schedules, scope definitions, progress and completion reports to fulfill your company reporting needs and to ensure you are aware of installation details.

No Unexpected Surprises

Our experience with our products, systems and the related equipment allow us to spot potential problems in the field with our customer’s equipment and proactively resolve them. Back charges, misfits and missing part problems are resolved behind the scenes to avoid undue stress or missed turnaround deadlines.

Inventory Reorganization and Analysis

Reduce inventory, protect equipment. Let us inspect your current inventory to separate useable parts from obsolete parts.

On-Site Training

We can further enhance your installation and ongoing operations by providing customized, on-site training for an additional cost.


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