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UOP has the solutions to help you reach your coprocessing goals

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UOP has the solutions to help you reach your coprocessing goals


Refineries across the globe are faced with increasing demands for renewable fuels while operating within tight profitability margins.  Coprocessing of renewable feedstocks, such as used cooking oil and rapeseed oil, within existing Hydroprocessing assets can be a viable part of a refiner’s renewable solution.

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Determining the right level of coprocessing

UOP can help with drop in or revamp solutions to maximize the use of existing assets for any amount of bio feed.

Overcome technical challenges

  • Optimize fossil + renewable hydrotreating capacity to meet existing H2 constraints
  • Renewable feed flexibility and pretreatment
  • Identify and remove asset bottlenecks
    • Acid gas and sour water handling
    • Increased heat of reaction
    • Catalyst performance
    • H2 quench and consumption requirements
    • Corrosion due to chlorides and free fatty acids
    • Product quality e.g. cloud point degradation
  > 5% Coprocessing
  • More process modifications required
  • Increasing capital investment
  • 2nd stage dewaxing/isomerization may be needed
  • Not allowed for co-production of aviation fuel
 < 5% Coprocessing
  • Minimal changes required
  • Low capital investment
  • Trim dewaxing may be needed
  • Approved for co-production of aviation 


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